Hello Spartan Fans,

NO Spartan parents and players, 

We hope everyone is doing well as we progress through the 2020 Fall season. I wanted to take a minute to inform everyone of a new addition and resource to the Spartan team! We are excited to announce that Dr. Tyler Lusignan, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who specializes in soccer performance training will be helping our athletes with injury prevention and improving soccer strength and conditioning. He will be a valuable resource for both our athletes and you, to keep our players on the field and training at the top of their game. Please read below for more information about his involvement; we are excited to have him on board and continue to distinguish the Spartans Football Club as a top tier program in the state.  

Coach Lea


Hey Spartans, 

My name is Dr. Tyler Lusignan and I am extremely excited about the opportunity to work with the Spartans to keep our athletes on the field with decreased injuries, performing at a championship level, and getting the attention of colleges for scholarships.

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy from New Orleans and I am the owner of Strive Athletic Performance Training. I have played soccer my entire life, so the demands of the game are something that I am passionate about and understand. My goal is to take premiere level training these athletes receive to the next level and add a strength and conditioning component to make better athletes for life. I pride myself on being able to keep your athletes on the field and improve exposure to colleges. I look forward to being involved with the Spartans by: 

  • Being on the practice fields on Monday evenings to address any new or old injuries and screen for any potential limitations that may be affecting performance.  
  • Teach evidence-based warm-ups and exercises to decrease the risk of ACL injuries and common soccer-related muscle strains.
  • Host informational workshops to take the guesswork out of how our athletes can continue to improve the physical component of their game.
  • Opportunities for individualized strength and conditioning training programs sent directly to the athlete’s phone to promote faster and stronger athletes with the ability for parents to keep track of adherence and progress.
  • If injuries do occur, provide an exercise program tailored specifically to that athlete and their position to minimize time off the field.
  • Provide thorough return to sport testing and communication with the coaches to ensure a safe return to the field that addresses both the physical and psychological components of any injury. 

Thank you Lea for introducing me to the teams and coaches last week and I look forward to building the most resilient youth premiere soccer team in the state and to continue our goal of winning championships year in and year out. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. I can be contacted via email at tylerlusignan@gmail.com 

If you would like to schedule a call here is my Calendly link: https://calendly.com/striveapt/15min

Let’s get to work, 

Dr. Tyler Lusignan